NHC-Doctors Plaza Physiotherapy Center

A custom orthotic is a prescribed medical device from a doctor. Custom means, a doctor uses casts, impressions, or scans to perfectly fit your foot. A doctor-designed orthotic will control the alignment and function of your foot. These orthotics will treat or prevent abnormal motion, or rolling, of the foot.


An orthotic device (or orthosis) is a shoe insert
which you may be recommended following a
biomechanical assessment / gait analysis with one
of our specialists. These can be either pre fabricated devices (not unique to an individual but
a shorter-term cheaper option) or custom made
devices which are manufactured from a cast of
the feet and a custom prescription.

Orthosis can benefit individuals in many ways:

 Improve shock absorption
 Improve stability (proprioception)
 Alter problematic foot mechanics
 Change moments around joints (e.g. decrease pronation at the sub-talar joint)
 Reduce force within injured tissue

 Foot Care & Orthotic Services 

Every step you take puts about 1.5 times your body weight of pressure on your foot and the average
person takes nearly 10,000 steps a day, often in unforgiving shoes with high heels or insufficient
padding. Our staff gives your feet the care they deserve.

Diabetic Foot Care

Diabetes can be dangerous to your feet—even a
small cut can produce serious consequences.
Diabetes may cause nerve damage that takes away
the feeling in your feet. Diabetes may also reduce
blood flow to the feet, making it harder to heal an
injury or resist infection. Because of these problems,
you may not notice a foreign object in your shoe. As
a result, you could develop a blister or a sore. This
could lead to an infection or a non healing wound
that could put you at risk for an amputation.