Different parts of the body can be helped through spinal and joint manipulation. An adjustment can relieve pain, correct your body's alignment and improve your overall function. Uses special instruments or their hands to manipulate joints in the body. This process is also called spinal or joint manipulation. It can help reduce pain and correct the body’s alignment and overall physical function. Physical therapist treated many conditions affecting the nervous system and musculoskeletal system. Physical therapist care can help with low back pain, headache, neck pain, muscle pains and other joints of the body. Physical therapist does not prescribe medication; this allows them to think outside the box. A physical therapist may prescribe:

  • Soft-tissue therapy: To relax tight muscles, relieve spasm and release tension in the fascia (the connective tissue that surrounds each muscle).
  • Adjustments: To gently realign joints and increase range of motion.


  • Joint bracing/taping (e.g., Kinesio taping): To support sprained joints or muscles as they heal.


  • Exercises and stretches: To restore and maintain mobility and range of motion.


  • Referrals to integrative medicine experts: For guidance on diet and nutrition to reduce inflammation and promote weight loss.